Thursday, February 24, 2011

Horus the Black Flame Dragon Deck 2011

I have decided to play Horus the Black Flame Dragon Deck for the March 1st, 2011 Format. In past formats I have tried to compete using my Horus deck and have lost because of Kaluts, Honest, Monster effects like Brionac, stardust etc. I have realized that in this format most of my threats have been swallowed up by the banlist. Also, I have more support to negate effects. My biggest and largest threats are monster effects. Royal Decree Does its job hands down for traps. Horus get's the job done for spells and getting them out are very easy. To protect my self from monster effect I can use:

Destiny hero plasma- Too hard to summon and waste hand and field presence.
Skill drain and Tyrant's temper- Same as plasma and takes the same amount of cards
Prime material- Protects Horus from Destruction effects
Doomcaliber Knight- Really stupid move to put in Horus Deck
Light and Darkness dragon- My opponent wastes his hand while I conserve.
The best to use now is Forbidden chalice with effect veiler.
Effect veiler also kills Horus and is the best way to get rid of Horus.
Along with exciled, and or effects that activate in hand or grave.

video will go up about this soon.

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  1. If you really wish to stop monster effects so badly you can always run three forbidden chalice. Its a quick play spell that increases a monsters attack by four hundred, but it negates the monsters effect. Then there is the usual effect veiler, which is now a rare so it shouldn't be that hard to come by, Tyrants Temper, Divine Wrath and there are several other cards that negates effects but I can't remember them at the moment.

    But definitely look up Forbidden Chalice, its a really great spell card.